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Medicines Use in Paediatrics and Neonates - new Masters Certificate of Professional Development
Created by Liverpool John Moores University, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the Neonatal unit at Arrowe Park Hospital


GRiP is pleased to share the details of a course that has been developed following years of close collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the Neonatal unit at Arrowe Park Hospital - three institutions that have worked alongside GRiP on improving the use and development of paediatric medicines, as well as on developing specialist training in paediatric pharmacology.


Charles Morecroft, Jim Tuner and Adam Mackridge from Liverpool John Moores University; Tony Nunn, Catrin Barker, Andrea Gill, Octavio Aragon from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Neil Caldwell from the Neonatal unit at Arrowe Park Hospital planted the seed that led to the development of this certified postgraduate course in advanced paediatric clinical practice, open to all healthcare professionals with an interest in medicines use in paediatrics and neonates with sufficient contact time with patients. 


The course is a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course in Medicines Use in Paediatrics and Neonates and it is designed to help paediatric pharmacists (and other paediatric healthcare professionals, if they are interested) in further developing their career as a paediatric pharmacist beyond the early years after registration.


The contents of the course are in line with knowledge and skills a paediatric pharmacist should have according to the NPPG (Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacist Association).


The link to find information about the course via the Liverpool John Moores University website is:


Although the course has been developed by UK practicing paediatric specialists (doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals), the course development team has tried to make the contents accessible and relevant to any paediatric pharmacist who has enough contact with paediatric patients to develop a Portfolio of Evidence (in most cases this would be a hospital paediatric pharmacist, but in certain areas it might be suitable for primary care paediatric pharmacists too).


This is not a “basic” level course, but slightly more advanced; looking at pharmacists with 2-3 years of experience dealing with paediatric patients. When UK guidelines are mentioned during the course, it is suggested that students who might not practice in the UK look for and find out about their local practice.


Doing this with European colleagues will enrich the course greatly, as we might learn other approaches to paediatric care from our students’ portfolio of evidence and will be able to adapt the course for future cohorts of students. Likewise, European students might find out different/new aspects of paediatric practice from the UK that they might want to apply to their own local environment.


Contact details for more information can be found on the link and the attached posters. The course administrator is Nicola Urquhart: