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GRiP Roadshow. Buenos Aires, Argentina - 12th November 2014
Intensive Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology Training Course


The GRiP Roadshow, “Intensive Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology Training Course” (Curso Intensivo de Farmacologia Pediatrica), was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 12th, 2014 at the teaching facility “Dr Carlos Giannantonio” of the Argentine Pediatrics Society. 


The Roadshow was presented in a full day interactive seminar format by Dr Shinya Ito (Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto, Canada) and Dr Facundo Garcia-Bournissen (Buenos Aires Children’s Hospital, Argentina). Morning lectures were presented by Dr Ito, and afternoon lectures were presented by Dr Garcia Bournissen. Formal discussion time was scheduled in the afternoon after presentations were over, but participants were encouraged to ask questions and comment at any time they wished during the day. The meeting was held mostly in English, but parts of the presentations were also done in Spanish. 


Over 60 people interested in pediatric clinical pharmacology participated in the Roadshow, mostly paediatricians and pharmacists with experience in paediatrics. Approximately 80% of assistants were from Argentina, and the remaining 20% were from neighboring Latin American countries, especially Uruguay. Most participants seemed comfortable with asking questions in English, but they were also encouraged to ask in Spanish if they wished to (the Spanish-speaking organizers translated the questions to English). The Roadshow format, with a relatively small audience, allowed for significant interaction leading to lively discussions about the presented topics. Participants were eager to ask questions and comment, which in many cases led to interesting exchanges particularly regarding specific issues affecting pediatric clinical research in the region (e.g. Local regulations, recruitment strategies and difficulties, etc). 


Overall evaluation of the Roadshow by the audience was excellent (>90% of evaluations rated the course as completely achieving the course objectives). Several responders provided positive suggestions that will no doubt help improve future iterations of the Roadshow, but virtually everyone was satisfied with the lectures and discussion. The organizers have already received several requests for similar activities in the near future in Argentina, and other countries in Latin America.