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Students from 10 countries to begin GRiP MSc in Paediatric Medicines Development and Evaluation
13 students from EU and 5 from outside the EU


The list of students admitted to the GRiP MSc programme on Paediatric Medicines Development and Evaluation has been published. 18 learners from 10 different countries - 8 of them from non-EU countries - will start the online programme with a face-to-face meeting in Rome on 19 November.    


Students are currently working or studying in Italy, Kenia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Congo, Malta, Spain and Switzerland.


The list of admitted students can be seen here: GRiP MSc Paediatric Medicines and Evaluation - list of admitted students 


On 19-21 November the students will meet in Rome to formally begin the programme, which from then on will be taught entirely online and will provide them with the tools to become internationally-recognised experts in the development and evaluation of paediatric medicines, according to GRiP's core knowledge and values.


For more information about the MSc programme, click on the link below.


GRiP Master of Science in Paediatric Medicines and Evaluation


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