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China enhances drug safety for children
Government urges development of paediatric medicines

GRiP would like to draw your attention to an important development in the paediatric pharmacology sector. The Chinese government has urged national research centres and pharmaceutical companies to speed up the development of paediatric medicines, in order to ensure drug safety for children. 

Please see an article published on that provides further details on the Chinese government's initiative (click on the link below):

China enhances drug safety for children

Dr. Kalle Hoppu, GRiP WP1 leader, said: "It remains to be seen what this will lead to in the end, but I am hopeful that China is joining the US and the EU as a country which publicly recognizes the need to do something about pediatric medicines and is willing to do something concrete. The Chinese Government is determined to address ethe need of better pediatric medicines, and there is genuine interest in the issue outside the government."