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7th Meet the Expert in Paediatric Formulations Webinar - POSTPONED
Challenges of Administering Medicines to Neonates

Due to technical problems GRiP has postponed the provision of the webinar recording and the follow up live Q&A session for the “Meet the Expert on Paediatric Formulations” webinar titled “Challenges of Administering Medicines to Neonates” to be presented by Sara Arenas-Lopez. This was due to take place on Wednesday 30th April 2014 15:00 hours BST, 16:00 hours CEST.    

Participants will be contacted very soon with a new date for the live discussion. In the meantime, if you have any questions about challenges of administering medicines to neonates, these can be answered via the GRiP blog at or you can forward them to Barbara Richards at

GRiP has already planned the following Meet the Expert in Paediatric Formulations webinar and the topic for this will be “Nanomedicines for children: Minimising the size to maximise the benefit". It will be presented by Alejandro Sosnik, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. The live discussion following this webinar will take place on Wednesday 29th July 2014 at 15:00 hrs BST. You can register for this now by writing to Barbara Richards. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused through the postponement of the webinar and we will be in touch very soon with the new date of the live discussion and the webinar recording.

Please do not hesitate to contact GRiP if you would like any further information.

Below is the original announcement for the webinar:

The 7th GRiP “Meet the Expert in Paediatric Formulations” webinar will take place on Wednesday 30th April 2014 at 15:00 hours GMT and will be presented by Sara Arenas-Lopez, Consultant Pharmacist - Paediatric Critical Care at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London.

The title of the webinar will be “Challenges of Administering Medicines to Neonates”. Webinars are now be pre-recorded and made available on line during the week before the live discussion with the expert. 

If you would like to access the next webinar please contact Barbara Richards at or to register or if you have any questions.

For more information on GRiP webinars on Paediatric Formulations, please visit the Webinars page.