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Foundation in Paediatric Pharmaceutical Care - Fourth International Masterclass - London, 16th-18th October 2014
St Thomas' Hospital


The Fourth International Master Class on Paediatric Pharmaceutical Care will take place at St Thomas' Hospital on 16th-18th October 2014.

The master class is run by Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with Kings College London, Kings Health Partners and Global Research in Paediatrics (GRiP). 

This international master class is intended primarily for non UK pharmacists with an interest in paediatric pharmaceutical care.

The master class is intended to update those who are working in paediatric pharmacy with the latest developments and best practice in the safe use of medicines in children.

A key aspect of this programme is patient case reviews at the hospital bed side in small groups 

On completion of the programme participants will:

• Have a better understanding of worldwide initiatives for improving better medicines for children 

• Be aware of best practice in dealing with the most common paediatric clinical problems; from general care to more specialised care 

• Have a good understanding on age appropriate formulations for safer purchasing and administration of medicines to children 

• Understand the pharmacokinetics and dynamics of children and apply this knowledge in practice  

• Set out appropriate risk/governance strategies to make their paediatric pharmacy practice safer and more effective and look at ways to measure success 

• Know where to access paediatric information resources 


Key issues covered include:


  • Paediatric Population Pharmacokinetics  
  • Safe Purchasing (Unlicensed versus licensed)  
  • Paediatric Formulations 
  • Medication errors and Prescription Monitoring 
  • The role of the pharmacy technician in clinical areas 
  • Management of the Chronic Child 
  • Measurement of the critically ill child 


Course Leaders are:


Steve Tomlin & Sara Arenas-Lopez

Consultant Pharmacists

William Thornhill

Clinical Services Manager


You can register online by clicking the link below:


Please click here to register


More information can be found at the following link or in the attached flyer.


Foundation in Paediatric Pharmaceutical Care Fourth International Master Class

16-18 October 2014