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Workshop on Neonatal Paediatric Clinical Trials - Madrid, 28th February 2014
Organised by Red SAMID Network


The Spanish Research Network on Maternal and Child Health and Development (Red SAMID), led and coordinated by Dr Adolf Valls i Soler and funded since 2009 by the Spanish Ministry of Health, has the mission of generating high quality scientific knowledge in maternal and child health.  One of its main tasks is to promote and develop clinical trials in an obstetric, neonatal and pediatric setting. Recently it has been included in the EnprEMA network (European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medical Agency), and assigned at Level 2, pending immediate step to Level 1.


Determined to continue the promotion of clinical trials in pediatrics, SAMID Network has decided to organize a workshop on Neonatal Pediatric Clinical Trials, which will take place on Friday February 28th 2014 in Madrid.


Participation of the workshop will include representatives of: 


• Spanish Ministry of Health

• Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products

• Spanish Clinical Trials Platform 

• Spanish Society of Pediatrics (Committee for Medicinal Products),

• Spanish Society of Neonatology

• Paediatric Group of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy

• Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology 

• Pediatric Clinical CRO (TFS) 

• Associations of Parents of Sick Children (premature Association APREM and Federation of Spanish children with cancer, FEPNC) 

• Pharmaceutical Industry (Dynakin, FAES Pharma)


Dr Mark Turner will also be participating and will present the current status of MCRN and how they came to it, so it can serve as a reference in discussions.  Dr Turner is a Neonatologist at Liverpool Women's Hospital and Honorary Consultant at the University of Liverpool UK, and he  is also the EnprEMA Network Coordinator and member of the Executive Committee of the MCRN (Medicines for Children Research Network ) in the UK.


The theme of the meeting will be:


1. Initial presentation of the difficulties and problems highlighted by all participants prior to the meeting.


2. Exposure of a representative of each area for possible ideas, initiatives and solutions to promote the conduct of clinical trials and other studies for the development of effective and safe drugs for the pediatric population.


3. General discussion.


4. Presentation of the conclusions.


The synthesis of the conclusions generated during the workshop, will be featured on the GRIP website.