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GRIP Roadshow course “Medicines in children – what you need to know”, 25-26 February 2013, Warsaw, Poland
First course held at Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw

The first GRIP Roadshow programme course “Medicines in children – what you need to know” has been run on 25-26 February, 2013 at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, Poland.  

There were 38 participants (plus 3 members of the faculty and 2 local organizers). Participants were recruited from 6 different hospitals in Warsaw (including Warsaw Medical University, Postgraduate Training Centre in Warsaw and Children’s Memorial Health Institute). Majority of participants were physicians in 2nd or 3rd year of training in paediatrics. Among other participants were 2 hospital pharmacists and 3 laboratory diagnosticians. There were only 4 participants with professional experience longer than 5 years.  

Participants gave a positive evaluation of the course in terms of learning objectives. The results of the questionnaires provided at the end of the course were: 

1 - Able to describe the characteristics of how children handle medicines differently compared to adults: 22 (58%) completely achieved, 16 (42%) somewhat  achieved;

2 - Recognize the need for appropriate formulation, and data on dose, efficacy and safety of a medicine for high-quality drug therapy:  29 (76%) completely achieved, 9 (24%) somewhat  achieved;

3 - Aware of importance of clinical trials in providing children with better medicines and reducing paediatric off-label use: 33 (87%) completely achieved, 5 (13%) somewhat achieved.