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GRiP Workshop - Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship programs - Salzburg, Austria, 8th June 2013
A GRiP workshop held during the 2013 ESDPPP conference


GRiP had a key role within the biennial conference of the European Society for Developmental, Perinatal and Pediatric Pharmacology (ESDPPP), which took place in June 2013 in Salzburg, Austria. As well as presenting several papers (see all the details here), GRiP led the Preconference Education Day as a joint ESDPPP-GRiP Roadshow presented by Gregory Kearns John van den Anker. 


As part of GRiP's effort to connect researchers and teachers in Paediatric Clincal Pharmacology worldwide, the Work Package 1 team is working on mapping training programs all over the world and finding the right ways to engage with them. Please see below the report on the workshop held by WP1 leader Shinya Ito on Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship programs. 


“Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship programs”

Salzburg, Austria (as a satellite to the ESDPPP meeting)

June 8, 2013 


One of the GRiP milestones (MS #7) is to develop “Meaningful linkage with training programs in other countries especially in US and Canada”.  To this end, the first GRiP workshop on Paediatric pharmacology fellowship programs” was held in Salzburg, Austria in conjunction with the biennial meeting of the European Society for Developmental, Perinatal and Pediatric Pharmacology. Through roundtable discussion among 14 participants from Europe, North America, South America, Japan, Australasia, Thailand, and WHO, current and emerging fellowship programs in paediatric clinical pharmacology were presented, and new development, challenges and needs were identified. Although the fundamental structure of training and curriculum is similar, qualifications of trainees, scopes of training and financial support systems for fellows are different among countries. The participants felt that that quality control of training, and standard curriculum such as GRiP fellowship curriculum at an international level may help new programs. Importantly, it was noted that the GRiP pediatric pharmacology fellowship curriculum has been used to guide training in some countries. Based on the information presented in the morning session, the group extended the discussion into definition and mechanisms of meaningful linkages among the training programs. The participants felt that the linkage must have a clear goal to strengthen each of these training programs. As a platform to facilitate the dialogue, a GRiP network of pediatric pharmacology training programs was proposed and discussed. The group agreed in principle to develop such a network. Representing WP1 leaders, Shinya Ito will draft the terms of reference of the consortium for further discussion.   WP1 leaders are planning to have the second workshop in Toronto, Canada. The date of the workshop has not been decided, but early summer of 2014 is a possibility unless participants want to experience beautiful but sometimes-horrendous Canadian winter.