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GRiP Paediatric Formulations team launches "Meet the Expert" webinars
The GRiP International platform is now fully active


The GRiP Paediatric Formulation team has successfully launched a series of Webinars named “Meet the Expert” as part of an international platform developed to share knowledge, expertise and experience around paediatric drug delivery and pharmaceutical issues both in clinical trials and practice worldwide.  


During the webinars, which have already reached a vast global audience, experts in Paediatric Formulations tackle the most relevant topics in this area. The “Meet the Expert” webinars are completely interactive – participants are encouraged to contribute to the Q&A sessions which take place after the expert’s presentation. The questions and answers, as well as links to download and watch the webinars, are regularly posted on the GRiP Website and the newly-launched GRiP Blog (


Two of these webinars have already taken place:


• Age Appropriate Formulations presented by Prof Joerg Breitkreutz from the University of Dusseldorf , Germany (29th November 2012)


• Pharmaceutical Excipients in Neonates - The Propylene Glycol Example presented by Prof Karel Allegaert from Leuven University, Belgium (31st January 2013)


All details on these webinars, including links to download and watch the recording, can be found on the following page of the GRiP Blog - Webinars and online resources.


The next webinar is scheduled for 16th April 2013. It will be presented by David Woods from the University of Otago, New Zealand and is titled “Compounding and manipulating medicines for children: problems and solutions”.  All details on this webinar, including information on how to participate, can be found here.


If you would like to register for the next webinar you can also contact Barbara Richards at