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Patient and Public Involvement in Paediatric Clinical Research
GRiP's efforts to facilitate the involvement of groups representing patients


The role of Patient Organisations and family engagement is vital to all aspects of paediatric clinical research. To understand the needs of patients and their families during a clinical trial it is essential that their wishes and contribution throughout all the stages are considered. This includes their consultation on the study design, proposal development, grant application, as well as the actual recruitment and delivery of the study.


GRiP facilitates the involvement of groups representing patients, parent and families in specific tasks. Last October, parent representatives from different networks across Europe were invited to participate at the GRiP Network Governing Council Meeting which took place in Bilbao. Here there was the opportunity to hear their views on a range of topics that concern them as parents and which will inform the GRiP Work Packages in defining priorities when compiling their proposals for patient engagement.


GRiP interviewed Wendy Cook (read the interview here) a parent representative from the Medicines for Children Research Network (MCRN) at the University of Liverpool. Wendy also presented at the GRiP Network Governing Council Meeting in Bilbao and provided feedback to the GRiP network. 


If you would like more information of if you are interested in participating in the GRIP Patient Network to improve research and clinical trials in children please visit this page - Call for Patient Organizations