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GRiP Education Day - unveiling the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
During the November 2012 NGC in Bilbao, GRiP members discover the education infrastructure


The NGC meeting in Bilbao (which took place on 29th October 2012) was followed by a GRiP Education Day where a demonstration of the facilities of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) was presented by the provider, FRONTER. This will be the outlet that will set up and manage, together with GRiP members, the online infrastructure which will be the main instrument for reaching GRiP’s educational goals. 


During the presentation of the VLE, GRiP members were able to discover the potential of the infrastructure and clarify how it will meet the needs of learners and help teachers reach their objectives. 


The VLE will be used by students of paediatric clinical pharmacology globally to access GRiP educational programmes. It will allow students to attend webinars, download study materials such as multimedia learning objects, submit assignment reports, and interact with their peers as well as teachers. 


The VLE provided by Fronter, a Pearson company, is being tested by Work Package 1 members and GRiP, it has already been used to organise Work Package 5 Webinars for the “Meet the Expert in Paediatric Formulations” series of webinars.


The testing and gradual integration of the VLE is a fundamental step for GRiP. By building a consensus among GRiP members on the use of this instrument, the network paves the way for the development and implementation of effective e-learning programmes in paediatric clinical pharmacology for students globally.