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Bilbao Network Governing Council (NGC)
29 October 2012



The third GRiP Network Governing Council (NGC) meeting took place in Bilbao, Spain between Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th October 2012. As the network approached the end of the second year of activity, the meeting represented a key opportunity to discuss the results achieved and to plan the development of GRiP’s activities during the following three years.

Each Work Package leader shared with GRiP members the progress of their respective work groups. Joint presentations by WP leaders were also delivered to show evidence of the intense internal collaboration developing between work groups.

The presentations and discussions that took place during the NGC meeting confirmed the success of the network in meeting its targets. GRiP members also established that both in terms of the development of new research tools and the organisation of training programmes globally, the project has reached a turning point. GRiP has set up new, productive linkages with other global networks and is making concrete progress in building an integrated research infrastructure which includes shared research tools and languages and a suitable framework for training researchers in paediatric clinical pharmacology. 

The list of deliverables that have been submitted to the EU so far shows advancements in all areas of the project, as can be seen in the feature included in this newsletter. In the coming months, it will be important for the whole network to continue building on the positive work done so far, particularly in terms of collaboration between work groups and in developing the education framework further.

GRiP and ERA-NET Priomedchild joint session

During the NGC meeting in Bilbao a joint session between GRiP and the ERA-NET Priomedchild network was held. The ERA-NET Priomedchild network (Priority Medicines for Children) is a network of eleven research funding organisations from different EU-member states which is also working on the development of research around medicines for children with funding from the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme. For more information on ERA-NET Priomedchild please visit:

During the joint GRiP-Priomedchild session members of the two networks had a chance to learn about each other’s objectives and progress and to engage in a discussion, in order to establish how to best collaborate both on the research front and in the patient engagement area.